3 Ways Quartz Countertops in OKC Can Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa


With the right stone, you can transform your bathroom to a spa-like retreat. It’s easy to enjoy a long soak in your bathtub or a hot shower when it's a pleasant space to spend time.

The right bathroom design will be both practical and gorgeous, which is why we think these three options are fantastic ideas for your next renovation project.


Install a Dual Sink

Almost a given in a master bathroom, a dual sink countertop opens up space for showing off that amazing quartz. 

When dropping in sinks, the question is then: what kind of sink do you go with?  A drop-in sink is traditionally the go-to option, but an undermount sink will look better and be easier to clean.  If you want to go with something unique, a vessel sink may be the best option.

Quartz is very strong, and a large basin sitting on top of the stone will bring the natural beauty to the forefront and turn that ordinary bathroom into a spa for you to retreat to.


Enjoy the stain resistant surfaces.

However, with all that space, you have to be concerned about spilling soap or smeared toothpaste, right?  Not so with quartz. 

You can rest easy when adding quartz to your bathroom, especially over a long countertop.  Clean up at a leisurely pace when makeup is spilled and relax when you are rushing out the door in the morning.


Non-porous surfaces are best in the bathroom.

Quartz is a manufactured stone.  It is not natural like granite or marble.  This is especially beneficial when installing it in a bathroom setting. 

Thanks to the resins that form its hardened structure, it is non-porous.  Stain resistant also means that quartz won’t become a home for microorganisms that love a damp bathroom setting.  Go ahead and steam up your bathroom, your quartz countertop can handle it just fine.


choose a Long Vanity

Dual sinks are nice but having additional space for makeup and accessories to prep for a night on the town can make a world of difference.  A long quartz vanity is just what you need.  It offers open space to lean on, and room for all your accessories.  


The beauty in heat resistant.

Hot hair dryers, curling irons or hair straighteners can damage most countertop surfaces.  Quartz can handle the heat.  Modern manufacturing techniques and perfected resin recipes mean that this surface can shrug off whatever you throw at it. 

This is a surface that is used in busy kitchens everywhere, dealing with hundreds of degrees of heat every day. A morning rush is no match for it. Just be sure to unplug everything when you are done.

No scratches here.
Not only can it withstand the heat, but it can withstand scratches like a champ.  Knocking metal across the surface doesn't have to be a panic. 

Quartz it tougher than most of the things you have.  Short of dragging a diamond ring across the surface, your countertop can look brand new for years to come.


Experiment with a Backsplash

With all of that space being taken for two sinks and an extra long vanity, there has to be a way to extend the appearance of the stone. 

Take a note from the kitchen and add a backsplash of the same surface.  This will add height to your countertop and show off the unique design that only your bathroom turned spa will have. 


Talk about easy to clean.

The benefits to quartz are its simplicity to maintain.  Thanks to its non-porous surface, cleaning is a breeze.  

Adding a backsplash of the same material can alleviate the cleaning woes, as spills stay on the counter and don’t fall behind and run down the wall. 

You won't need to re-seal the surface like you will with a natural stone countertop which further cuts down on the maintenance time and costs associated with your new retreat.


Utilize the customization capabilities of quartz. 

Quartz is one of the most customizable surfaces you can have in your home.  Let your imagination run wild and dream of the spa treatment you have always wanted. 

You deserve the home of your dreams, and your bathroom can become more than just a simple room.  With a quartz countertop, it becomes a place of relaxation.

Are you ready to take a look at what quartz countertops in OKC will look the best in your home?  Give our free online quote tool a try.

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