4 things to Do Before Replacing Countertops in OKC



Replacing countertops is a great way to bring new life into your kitchen. However, because installations are no easy task, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the steps involved. These tips will make the process run as smooth as possible.

As a rule of thumb, countertops are usually installed at the end of remodeling. So, if you’re planning on purchasing new flooring, cabinetry or appliances, consider installing them first before replacing countertops.

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1. Measurements

Once you’ve selected a new countertop for your kitchen, you’ll need to know the square footage of your countertops to receive the most accurate cost estimate. Sketch the area to the best of your ability. Simple rectangles and squares will provide contractors an idea of what the space looks like.

Here are some other elements you’ll want to include in your sketch:

  • Sinks
  • Appliances
  • Edges
  • Sweeps
  • Overhang
  • L-Shapes

Using measuring tape, record the length of all sides rounding to the nearest 1/8 of an inch. For added help, refer to our 5-step countertop measurement guide. We also offer an online quote tool that will provide you an estimate of cost.


2. Template

After you’ve received an estimate for your new countertops, the countertop fabricator will call to arrange a time for an in-home visit. During this session, the contractor will confirm all the details of your new purchase and verify measurements, creating a template of your new countertop. They’ll also take measurements of your cabinetry, sink location, faucets and electrical outlets to ensure a perfect fit.

If any adjustments to the project are required, the contractor will revise the estimate and provide a final cost for you to approve. Keep in mind, old countertops may need to be removed but will be temporarily replaced before the new countertops are cut, fitted and installed.

3. Preparing the Site

Typically, the installer will call the day before to confirm their arrival time. During this time, your old countertops will need to be removed along with sink(s), cooktops and appliances. Depending on the countertops, you may need to hire a licensed plumber to visit the following day to reconnect any plumbing as needed.

Another factor you’ll need to address is moving large appliances like refrigerators and ovens on your own or if the contractor will be providing the labor. We recommend asking about these things early on as you shop countertop manufacturers.


4. Installation

On the day of installation, our contractors will be prepared and punctual for your appointment.

After a layer of plywood has been added to the cabinet tops to support the weight, the new materials will be laid over and a layer of adhesive will be applied to ensure the countertops don’t shift during installation.

If your countertops include multiple sections, a sealant may be applied to the seams to match the countertop material. Once the counters have been installed and the sealant has set, the plumbing will be ready for reconnection the following day. After everything has been configured, you can move your appliances back into place.


In Summary

After installation, your countertop manufacturer should provide specific instructions for ongoing maintenance. Please review this information and note specific guidelines in the warranty. For more information about countertop installation, our team at Rivers’ Edge is here to help. Reach out to us today at (405) 387-2930 or visit our showroom at 3066 HWY-62 Service Road in Newcastle, Oklahoma.


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