4 Tips When Choosing a Countertop Installer


Finding the right company to provide services for your home can be daunting. There are so many options, and you’ll likely spend hours sifting through reviews and other information online.


Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just know which companies are the best and which are the worst?


We hear you, and we want to offer you some suggestions.  Rivers’ Edge Countertops has been in the business of countertop installations in Oklahoma for a while, and we have seen and heard it all. 


This guide will help you know what red flags to look for when doing your countertop installer research.


We've also outlined questions to ask installers in our newest free guide


1. Big Box can be a Big Headache

There can be benefits to buying things at big box stores. It's handy when you need a box of screws, a new extension cord, or even a little lumber to get a project going. But, there are some things you shouldn't buy at a store that orders in massive bulk and delivers to stores around the country.


Reason #1: Bulk order stone can come with some serious flaws in it. Sure, you can get something that looks okay, but you will be losing out on quality of hand-selected stone.

We are careful with our stone selection quality, so we know you’ll have a surface that will last you a lifetime.


Reason #2: You won't be working with people who live and breath natural stone countertops.

There is a feeling that you get when you work closely with your passion. When you are good at what you do, you just know what works and what doesn't. Big box stores don’t offer the same experience because they are focused on making the most profit out of each sale.


Reason #3: These stores have been around and will continue to be around, but they won't meet your expectations for long-term care for your countertop.

Sure, they want you to return and buy more, but they don't offer the personalized care that your countertop needs to last for years to come.


2. Failure to Communicate is a Warning to Look Elsewhere

After you’ve picked out your favorite stone, and you’ve prepared for the installation process, what happens when the manufacturer doesn’t show up on the scheduled date?


What happens if the stone that was chosen had a flaw in it that wasn’t discovered until it was cut?  

What happens if the surface cracks before or during install?

There are any number of issues that can arise when you’re installing natural stone, or even a manufactured countertop, in your home.  How your supplier handles the situation tells you everything you need to know about their integrity.


They should be open and honest about everything that happens during the process. Any questions you may have should be answered as quickly as possible, and any issues need to be resolved.


If a company decides to ghost you halfway through the process, it may be time to get your money back and try somewhere else.  Don’t count your losses, you need to get what’s yours and get out.

3. Avoid Companies Who Play the Blame Game

One of the most difficult problems to come across is having a countertop that isn’t cut to the right size to fit your needs.  

Making up for a countertop that is too small could mean large gaps or having to re-cut a new stone.  A stone that is too large will need to be cut down to fit which is much easier though it adds more time to the install.


If your supplier begins pointing fingers at you and blaming you for the mistake, perhaps it would be a good time to get your money back. A company like this isn’t interested in making a situation right, they are just looking to make as much money as they can and leaving you with the problems.


A supplier that works with you from the very beginning, and keeps up communication with you, won’t have an incorrectly-sized stone. There won’t be missing materials, and they will give you the stone you choose.


If you find that a supplier easily finds places to put the blame early in the selection process, know that you may end up on their list too.  Save yourself the headache and go somewhere else.


4. Cheap Materials, Cheap Installs, and Broken Dreams

Even if you were able to dodge one or all of the previous issues, there is still the risk of getting cheap materials and cheap installs. Everything can go right up to the install, and everything can look good for a year or so, but once you get to know your stone, the flaws start to appear.


Going with a cheap surface material from an unknown source may work for a short while, but over time the quality will start to reveal itself in ways that can’t be covered up or repaired.  That’s if it doesn’t fail on the install or during the stone cutting process.


Cheap material can have internal flaws that prevent it from getting the clean-cut look that countertops need.  It can fracture and break along internal edges that are undetected.


Suppliers can try and hide the source of their stone under inflated price tags and fancy marketing.  The best way to dodge that bullet is to go with a supplier that tells you plainly where their stone is sourced.


Rivers’ Edge sources our stone from Brazil, hand selecting the best possible stone from the best possible sources.  We inspect every slab that is cut, before and after it is shipped to our warehouse. This is the ultimate form of quality control.  It doesn’t wind up under our roof unless it passes our seal of approval.


We want you to have the best possible experience when shopping for your stone countertops.  We know you have a lot of questions, and we want to answer them.


Download our free eBook that asks and answers the questions you need to be asking when shopping for your new countertops.  It, along with all of our guides are our gifts to you.


As always, we are here for you. Stop by our showroom to see what stone we have in stock or call us with your questions at (405) 387-2930.

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