Why to choose quartzite

There seem to be endless options for countertop surfaces when you start your kitchen or bathroom renovation. How could you possibly choose? While there are plenty of benefits for each type of stone, one of our favorites is Quartzite.


Formed within the heat and pressures of the earth, sandstone is compressed to form an incredibly strong surface made of tiny quartz crystals. Because of this, quartzite is one of the most durable materials that you can have in your home.


There is an added bonus as well.


Quartzite comes in countless colors and styles to fit your space. Plus, you can have any finish and edge you want to make it your own. Here are a few traits that we love about quartzite.

Also, if you want to truly make a statement with your new countertops, we've outline a few ideas for you in our newest guide

 why choose quartzite

1. Coloration Options are Endless

If you are looking for neutral tones, quartzite has options for you. Whites and grays to creamy colors in between, this stone has it all. If you want a little more pizzazz, many types of quartzite have unique colors and tones to it to make it a unique addition to your home.


You may be able to find some quartzite that has few streaks, leaving it close to a single, solid color. However, if marble stone is your favorite, you will find that as well as some quartzite has the distinct dark streaks buried in its layers giving it a deep marble-like appearance.

 features of quartzite

2. You Can Incorporate it Into Every Room in Your Home

Quartzite is one of the most versatile natural stones you can have in and around your home. If you’re wanting to incorporate a decorative feature for your home, a stone wall is a great addition.


Quartzite has complex color characteristics that make the light sparkle and bounce off its countless facets, making a stone wall a centerpiece.


Of course, it would look fabulous in your bathroom as well. You won't have to worry about hot curling irons or straighteners on its surface either.


Kitchens are no match for the resilience quartzite has to offer. But you don't have to stop there. Outdoor kitchens look great with a natural stone countertop surrounding the grill. Fire up and have a great evening under the starry night sky and sparkling countertop around you.

 Features of Quartzite

3. The Finish Makes a Difference

There are multiple surface options you can choose for your countertops to get that ultimate look you prefer. Thankfully, quartzite looks good no matter which one you choose.


A matte finish will bring out the natural, rugged look of the stone, while a polished finish will reflect its inner beauty.


Edging on quartzite is easy. Any type of edging will go along with the natural stone, with different options bringing out different layers within. Ultimately, the biggest decision is what you want to have for the lifetime of your home. As long as quartzite is maintained and protected and cared for, it can be enjoyed for generations to come.


4. Quartzite is a Natural Stone

Quartzite sounds a lot like “Quartz,” which is confusing because Quartz is man-made. Just like granite or marble, quartzite is quarried and cut for your home.


Cleaning quartzite

5. Maintenance is a Must

Yes, quartzite’s durability is second to none, but it still requires some maintenance to make it last. Like granite, it’ll need some sealant, and it is best to avoid cleaners with high acidity because it’ll slowly eat away at sealants.


We want you to check out our free inspiration guide before you make your final decision. It will lay out several ideas you may not have thought of when creating a focal point in your home using natural stone.


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