5 Ways to Cut Time and Install Your Quartzite Countertops Faster



Everyone wants their home upgrades completed as soon as possible while staying under budget and above quality standards. Because let’s face it, a kitchen renovation is extremely inconvenient.


It's not always an easy feat to finish the job fast while also doing it correctly, especially when you're dealing with top quality stone, but we have a few tips that we have found to help you cut time and install your quartzite countertops faster.


1.Pick a Color


Having the right color in your kitchen is an essential factor. Before you come in to look at our fabulous selection of stone, we recommend looking at various color combinations for your home.


If you love the color of the space already, going with a more neutral color scheme will help keep the balance without drawing too much attention to your stone. Vibrant colors will pop, but may not always go with every season or your current décor.


You need to determine what feels best to you. If you are concerned with how quartzite countertops will integrate into your home decor, we can assure you that few surfaces out there have the dependability, durability, look and feel of this magnificent stone.


2. Measure Twice, Cut Once


You may think you know your kitchen, but there are some things where guesswork just won't cut it. When you work in your kitchen, you can get away with eyeballing your ingredients when you’re cooking, but when you are installing a new stone surface, you’ll want exact measurements.


Imagine the surface colors against the cabinetry, backsplash and the flooring. Now, get out your tape measure and determine the exact dimensions of your new stone surface.


Write it down and map it out. Take your tape and measure it again, double checking your numbers. When you submit your dimensions to be cut, we can ensure that your countertops will be a perfect fit. We have the tools to cut your stone to fit your measurements, so double checking your work will keep your kitchen countertop install in a manageable time frame.


3. Reinforce Your Cabinets


With your old countertop removed, things will look a little strange. Looking down into your cabinet storage will seem convenient now, but it will look far more stunning with your new quartzite countertop installed.


Fill in the larger gaps with extra reinforcement. Large open areas without substantial wooden structure can cause weak points for the stone. Over time this can cause cracks to form as the wood that is supporting the stone gives way to the weight.


Reinforce areas over a dishwasher, oven or large drawers. Add structure to the supports around the sink as well to keep the weight of the stone and the sink aloft. You have a little bit of time before the countertop arrives and taking a little bit of time now will save you time and headaches years down the road.


4. Get Appliance Upgrades Ready


If you want to get your quartzite countertops installed faster, have a game plan for all of your kitchen upgrades before you select your stone. If you are going to make any adjustments to your cabinets, you need to have that done before you measure for your new countertop.


Don't hold back on your kitchen remodel. Get the appliances you want and need. Keep in mind they may be different dimensions than your current setup. Get your appliances selected and measured against your old ones to ensure that perfect fit for your new countertop.


Kitchen sink upgrades are essential to consider before getting your stone installed. Since there will be a hole cut for the basin, faucets, and handles, obtaining accurate measurements is crucial before the first cuts are made. This is why you need to splurge for the sink you really want, and not one that will just get you by for now.


5. Buy from the Best


If you really want to save time with your countertop install, you need to buy from the best.  There is no other option when you are looking for that perfect and stunning upgrade.


You want a supplier with the quality assurance background to know what stone is the best for a home, and what needs to be left alone.  Cutting it takes some time, but with modern equipment, it can be done with extreme precision. 


Installing the stone can be done faster with an install team that knows their way around a stone countertop.  They will take every precaution to ensure that the finished countertop is everything you hoped and dreamed.


This is where we come in.  Rivers’ Edge Countertops is the place in Oklahoma to get the best stone for your home.  We invite you to come check out our showroom to see what we have for you, to make your dreams come true. 


We want you to make the best decisions for your home.  That's why we are offering you our free ebook about what questions to ask when shopping for your next countertop. 

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