6 Summer Kitchen Design Trends We Can’t Help but Love

 OKC Kitchen Design Trends

A welcoming home is always in style. During the summer, as families gather and enjoy each other’s company, the kitchen becomes a centerpiece.

How do you make summer last? You build memories. Making a kitchen a place where you make more than a meal can be a challenge, but with these 6 summer kitchen design trends, you will love making delicious meals and a lifetime of memories.



1. Retro Aesthetic is Making a Comeback

Everything that was old is new again. Retro is the new norm, and people are flocking to this design style.

Appliances have progressed to some aspects of absurdity. As technology becomes more integrated into our lives, some are nostalgic for a simpler feel. Who really needs a refrigerator that can play Netflix anyways?

Appliances can take on a retro aesthetic while still being as functional and efficient as any modern counterpart.

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2. Install Special and Specific Lighting

The move from the incandescent light bulb has brought about new innovations in lighting as well. With the interest in  LED lights growing, people have seen their world lit up in new ways.

With over-cabinet lighting, under-cabinet lighting, countertop lighting, and toe-kick lighting, we are on a revolution where a party in the kitchen is as simple as a push of the button. LED Filament light bulbs are taking the stage to warm your home in amber light.

 OKC Kitchen designs

3. Choose Bright and Bold Colors

Neutral whites and grays can wear on a person after a while. Add a permanent pop to your kitchen by brightening things up with a new coat of paint.

The retro look is bringing color back to the kitchen too. People are seeing the benefits of brightness in strategic places around the home.

Add some gloss to your cabinets to brighten the room, or choose a color for an accent well.

Bright colors can pair with any seasonal decoration too. It becomes a space that isn't made for a singular time of the year, but for every day.


4. Open up your Kitchen Space

Give yourself space to play and create. A kitchen is a place of creativity. You've made yourself an inviting space to work in, now you need room to entertain.

Opening up your kitchen might mean knocking down a wall, which means less storage, but there are other solutions to help with that. 

While an island may seem to take up space, it opens up new possibilities. It is a multifunctional entertainment centerpiece. It separates the kitchen from the rest of your home, but it doesn't wall it off.

An island gives guests a place to sit and lean on while you work, plus it gives you more space to craft delicious treats. It’s also a great option if you’re needing extra storage space.


5. Automation Makes Your Life Easier

If you are vying for a retro aesthetic and a brighter kitchen, you don’t have to balk at technological advances.

You can install new lights that’ll turn on anytime you open a cabinet.

Touch sensitive sinks are a must have for any busy kitchen. Stop fiddling with the faucet and just tap it to turn it on and off. Messy hands are no longer an issue.

If you are working by yourself in the kitchen, you may start to miss having an extra set of hands. Automate your oven, shout at the thermostat, and let the dishwasher order soap for itself. You can ask Alexa for a hand in the kitchen, and let Google become your Assistant.


6. Homeowners are choosing Natural Materials

Our favorite feature of any home is natural stone including countertops and flooring.

Choosing tile or stone floor helps reduce the effects of spills that linger. You will find that shying away from wood floors in your kitchen gives you peace of mind when you choose a sturdier surface.

It’s the reason so many new homeowners and renovations are sticking with the lasting appeal that stone and tile offer.

We love stone countertops. Quartz is a favorite among many, and granite can leave a lasting impression. No matter what surface you choose, you are getting a material that will last a lifetime. Some stone options can handle the heat of a hot kitchen. There are few surfaces out there that match the overarching qualities that come with stone.

It can appeal to any design philosophy. If you like the retro look, or prefer a modern approach, there is a color and stone selection that fits your needs. Stone is a design trend that stands the test of time.

More importantly, you can incorporate stone into more than just floors and countertops. For even more ideas for you next renovation project, sign up for our series of emails on the replacement process, and we'll give you helpful information from start to finish. 

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