7 Granite Solutions That Can Immediately Boost Your Property Value


Granite is one of the top surface options in Oklahoma. Its elegance is timeless. With proper sealing and cleaning, a granite surface will last a lifetime. Thanks to its versatility, there are several granite solutions that’ll immediately boost your property value.

Regardless if you’re selling soon, or if you’re just wanting to invest in your property, incorporating granite will add functionality and beauty to your home. It’s also a classic home feature, that’ll compliment any style.

Not only will you sell your home faster and easier with this added feature but you’ll also be able to list your property at a higher price than you would without it.


1.Install gorgeous countertops.

One of the most noticeable ways to modernize your home is to update your kitchen. Granite will stand up to the heat and pressures of the kitchen environment, and it looks good too. The stone is available in a variety of styles and colors to match your home. When paired with sufficient lighting, your granite kitchen countertop is sure to boost your home value.

Kitchen’s are expensive to renovate, but will on average add about 80 to 100 percent of the cost to the selling price of the home.

A note of caution: It might be tempting to go with a bold color or design when choosing your new countertops, but if you plan on putting the house on the market any time soon, then it’s safer to choose a neutral palette. The goal is beauty, functionality, class, and a color that’ll please most people.


2.Create an intricate backsplash. 

Don’t just stop at the surface. Taking some of the same stone and incorporating it into the backsplash can make your countertops pop. You can show off the natural beauty of the structure of the stone. Another bonus with a backsplash is it’s easier for you to keep things clean.


3. Built-in shelving adds style.

If you have any visible shelves, why not incorporate granite into the surface? Having a built-in curio cabinet will give your space a touch of style, and a chance to show off your favorite dishware.

Using the same granite surface will further extend your selection, and increase curiosity and appreciation of your home, not to mention the increased value you get with natural stone shelves.


4. Create a jaw-dropping fireplace.

Don’t stick with brick. Use granite to modernize your fireplace, and make your living space feel luxurious.  Extend the front, outer hearth into your space with a natural granite surface. It can withstand the heat, and it will look amazing as it reflects the flickering flame into your home.

You can replace your mantel with a granite surface. A decorative mantel has been the mainstay in many timeless homes for hundreds of years, and for a good reason. A centerpiece of a living room has traditionally been the fireplace, and what is on your mantel is going to be in the focal point. Granite is durable and attractive and will effortlessly enhance the value your fireplace adds to your home.


5. Take your bathroom from drab to fab.

Your bathrooms deserve an upgrade as well. If you properly seal your countertops, it’ll withstand moisture from hot showers and daily hygiene. You can also add an eye-catching backsplash, just like the kitchen.

The benefit of adding granite to your bathroom is you can surprise any future home buyers with a stunning room. Bathrooms are one of the most expensive rooms to renovate, so home buyers especially value these types of projects.

If you aren’t selling anytime soon, then a new bathroom will give you a luxurious space for you to relax.


6. Granite floors give your home a “wow-factor”.

While it can be a little more challenging to install, a natural stone floor is a fantastic way to increase the value of your home. Granite by itself is sturdy, and when properly laid on a solid foundation, nothing short of a strike with a sledgehammer will crack its surface.

One way to add flair to an entry way is to line the edge next to the wall with granite. A hallway with a granite surface is going to be one you won’t want to hide under a rug. Since granite is a natural stone, you can take it outside where it can withstand any weather Oklahoma throws its way.


7. Waterfall countertops make your kitchen unique.

Stone waterfalls are the ultimate countertop upgrade. Once you add waterfalls to your countertops, you will never want to leave your home. You can turn a simple kitchen island into a stunning centerpiece. Your countertops will endlessly flow through your kitchen.

With modern techniques in manufacturing, like our digital manufacturing process, tolerances are precise leaving little room for seams to show up. Your waterfall countertop will look like a solid piece of stone in your home, carved out and set rather than precisely cut to fit.

Since waterfall countertops are still a rarity, this upgrade is a valuable addition to boost your property value.

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