8 Installation Factors to Consider with Flooring and Countertops

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Upgrading a room with new flooring and countertops is a fantastic option for making a home more modern. It can be surprising how fast room remodels will shed years off your home with a simple renovation.

Once you have your stone selected, there are a few things you need to consider before anything is cut or installed. 

Before Installation

Once you have your stone selected, it's time to check everything and make sure that it will all fit together the way you want. 


1. Do you like the cabinets and furniture?

Is it time for a whole room upgrade? Take some time and consider if your old cabinet color will go with your new stone selection.

Take a second look at your table, chairs, and even your dishes and cutlery. Now is the perfect time to consider renovations not only for your floors and countertops but other complementary items in your home as well.

These aren't things that you have to buy or change immediately, but they are considerations once the install is complete.


2. Consider upgrading appliances. 

Dated appliances will take away from the grandeur of a new flooring or  countertops. It’s essential you set aside a budget for new appliances to match your new installations.

They are going to be a part of the completed surface. Ensure that you are investing in the style and design that you won’t be wanting to change in a few short years.

Installing a new setup at a later date may be added hassle, and nobody wants that. You can get custom cutouts now for that new sink, rather than trying to find one that will fit in the future.

A new oven, refrigerator and other appliances will compliment a new floor in your kitchen, bringing everything in the space up to date. If installing a floor in the bathroom, consider a new porcelain toilet to further the experience of a new space.


3. Decide if you need to make any plumbing adjustments.

Do you want to add another bathroom sink? What about adding another sink in the kitchen? Is that really where you want your toilet or have you always wanted it somewhere else in the bathroom?

You need to consider all of these things before installing floors and countertops. Now is the perfect time to make any room adjustments. Once everything is installed, you aren't going to want to make any massive changes for many years.

Take a look at your space and determine if there are any improvements or adjustments you want to make in regards to your plumbing in the room. Just remember, you need to make any necessary adjustments before any stone is cut.

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During Installation

Today is the big day. The crew is arriving to install your new countertops and floors. So what are some things you should expect during installation?


4. Order extra materials (especially for flooring).


Flooring will naturally require more material than the actual square footage. This is because differing angles and sizes of tiles will require some pieces to be cut.

Also, some of the material can be damaged or lack the luster of the other pieces which is only discovered during the installation process. These pieces will be withheld to be cut down for those small slices needed elsewhere, but they are not always entirely useful.

Finally, any leftover material should be stored in a flat, dry area to be used for any later repairs. When working with natural stone, it will be unlikely that you will find similar tiles for later repairs. Even manufactured flooring may be nearly impossible to source at a later date.


5. Clean up before the crew arrives.

It would be a huge help to make sure the work area is clear of any extra items that can be moved beforehand. Dishes and cookware, tables and chairs, and appliances that are out of the way will help ensure a cleaner finished area.

The bonus of clearing out the work area is keeping your things clean and ready to use as soon as the installation crew leaves.


6. Check the professional references or testimonials.

Know that when you hire someone to come into your home to work, you should expect quality. Make sure that the company you hire guarantees their performance and will take care of your house.

When we come into your home, you can be assured that we will protect every room we are working in from damage. Our team specializes in installations, and we have a history of quality and care all across the Oklahoma City Metro area.

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After Installation

After your flooring and countertop installation, there are a few things to expect. Of course, a jaw-dropping aesthetic is first and foremost. But you should keep in mind a few extra things.


7. The space might be a little dusty.

While we do our best to keep your home as clean as we can, dust is still a factor. When we’re working in your home, dirt and debris can land in some difficult to reach places. It is just a part of the process.

Be prepared to do a deep clean after installation. This can ensure a clean home for you as well as giving you a first hand and up-close look at our handiwork. It is the perfect time for you to do your own personal inspection.

If all of your belongings were removed from the work area beforehand, you shouldn't have to clean them off. However, anything that was left during the installation may need a simple wipe down to remove the dust.


8. You’ll have seams, and you’ll need to clean them.

We guarantee our seams. It's that simple. Keep a close eye on the seams on your countertop after installation and let us know if you see anything out of the ordinary.

A good seam helps prevent mold and mildew accumulation; keeping a clean home is a priority. If a seal or seam starts to separate, it could become home to microorganisms that aren't good for a healthy home.

Clean the seams regularly. This helps you inspect the work and ensures its longevity.

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