A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Selection Process: Brazil Granite



The River's Edge Countertop team literally moves mountains for you.


We've partnered with Cosentino, the world's largest countertop supplier, to fly all over the world to hand select the most exotic stones available and bring them directly to you.

This isn't a vacation for us, it's serious business.  

Flying down to Brazil offers us the opportunity to see the thousands of slabs. We pick through them and select the prettiest, best looking solid slabs.

The best part of us coming to Brazil is we can hand pick something with your style in mind.  When we act as the primary quality control, you can be assured that the stone you select is only the best.

We’re typically examining the thickness and porosity. We’re also looking for unique colors and styles that’ll fit the OKC countertop trends.

A part of the selection process means we get get to see the source of the stone.  We have the opportunity to see the top of the mountain where we get the granite Giallo Ornamental.  

It's a stunning view point, with gorgeous mountains all around, and on the the other side of the mountains is the quarry for Santa Cecilia.

From the helicopter, we can see the quarries and the stone sources.  We have a unique vantage point to select our stone. Check out our video and see for yourself.

Its breathtaking just seeing the process. It's quite awesome, but most importantly we can offer you a first-hand look at the best stone in the world.

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