Cabinets that Coordinate with Popular Bathroom Vanities in OKC

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A stone surface countertop for your bathroom vanity is a clear choice for homeowners. Stone surfaces, no matter which one you go with, are capable of withstanding just about anything you throw at them. Plus, they have the added benefit of lasting a lifetime.

But what about the cabinetry that goes underneath the stone? You are going to want a timeless and functional look that will last as long as the stone. While there is no single perfect design that fits all homes, here are a few cabinets that coordinate with popular bathroom vanities in OKC.


Single Sink or Dual Sink?

Smaller spaces will greatly benefit from being limited to just one sink. You can reduce the clutter of the vanity top, or open up room for more things. It’s a versatile design for many bathrooms.

Smaller bathrooms may be best served by a single pedestal sink with open storage underneath, making the room feel more spacious. A single sink vanity with cabinet storage underneath can hide the workings of the sink itself while providing a place to keep towels and toiletries safe and clean.

The other benefit of a single sink vanity is the placement options. You can place it on the wall, or you can put it in the corner to keep it compact and out of the way. You have any number of ways to create a unique and head-turning vanity using only one sink.

In a modern master bathroom, a dual sink vanity is a must among new homeowners. Far less compact than the single sink option, a dual sink vanity gives you the space you need when you share the bathroom with someone else. No more fighting over space to brush your teeth and wash your face.

Since they do take up more space, you are a little more limited on where you can put them. But this doesn’t mean you are limited by design. Free Standing, Built-in, floating, or any style you can imagine, a dual sink vanity is a perfect addition to any master bathroom.

 Bathroom Renovation OKC

1. Built-In Cabinetry

After you select the countertop, how do you adorn it underneath? A traditional built-in vanity offers the maximum amount of storage space. Doors and drawers offer plenty of places to hide toiletries and store towels.

Single sink or dual sink, a traditional style of vanity will blend in is almost any décor. It's not going to be the most eye-popping design on the outside, but you can incorporate unique storage solutions to get the most out of the framework.

 Bathroom Renovation OKC

2. Free-standing

A free-standing vanity is one that sits on the floor, with only the sink being hooked to the home. It’s a visual style that opens up the possibility for change, even if it becomes a permanent resident.

Storage solutions will be similar to the built-in variety, but it may lack some of the same storage options. However, it does offer a visual style that can brighten a room. Add lighting under the vanity to help you navigate at night. Top with a designer stone surface like quartz for that lingering appeal.

 Bathroom Renovation OKC

3. Antique Dresser

An older home may call for a more formal approach. Antique dresser style vanities are real eye-catchers. Their curving designs and trims create stunning centerpieces.

With some foot room underneath, an antique dresser style vanity will let you get close to the mirror where you can perfect your appearance. Cleaning around them is a breeze. Plus you can top them with marble or granite for the perfect finishing touch for a timeless appeal.

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4. Rustic Farmhouse

The limited storage space of a rustic farmhouse vanity opens up opportunities for creative and innovative solutions. Smaller cabinets and drawers allow you to store away valuables and toiletries, and the open air shelving can show off color coordinated towels and scented soaps.

What helps make the rustic farmhouse vanity come together is the sink and the surface. A copper vessel sink can create noticeable shine, drawing attention to the vanity. Quartz can withstand the bathroom environment and offer a lasting backdrop for your bathroom. If you want a warm, inviting, and relaxing space, then look no further.

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5. Modern Floating

Less is more. If you are wanting a real centerpiece and can forego storage, then a floating vanity is the option you want. A single shelf sticking out from the wall, carrying only the sink, can be a statement. Effective lighting underneath can open up the space and highlight the vanity sans cabinetry.

You will need some form of support structure underneath the countertop, especially if you are going with stone. This can give you some storage room for drawers to store small valuables and toiletries. However, an effective minimalist design will hide these nooks from first glances, drawing all of the attention to the stone vanity centerpiece in your bathroom.

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