Dekton Countertops: The Pros and Cons of This Trendy Material

Choosing a countertop

Choosing a countertop is challenging, and while many homeowners dream about their next renovation, they might dread picking out a stone.


Deciding on the right material, edging and color pattern is overwhelming. Not to mention that persistent voice in the back of your head asking, “are you sure that’s the right decision?” 


We have a particular material we think you will love in your home. 


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Dekton is manufactured by combining quartz, glass and porcelain through extreme temperatures and pressure. After completing the manufacturing process, you’ll have a thin, durable material that unifies all of the best traits you’d want in a stone surface.


We’ve completed all the heavy lifting for researching this option by outlining the pros and cons of this wonder material that is taking Oklahoma by storm.

 Pros and Cons of Dekton

Pro: Heat Resistant

Kitchens are hot, especially if you’re using it to cook large family meals or having friends over for a delicious dinner.


Baking ovens and scorching stoves create a harsh environment that few surface types can handle. While most natural stone offers some heat resistance, manufactured surfaces typically need hot pads to prevent damage and discoloration.


Dekton is different.


Due to the nature of the materials in Dekton and the manufacturing process, this surface can handle intense heat better than any other option.

 Pros and Cons of Dekton

Pro: Cold Resistant

Of course, you want beautiful countertops in your kitchen and probably your bathrooms too.


But, have you thought about incorporating your stone outside?


Outdoor kitchens are a convenient way to host guests or to keep your cooking from heating up your home during the hot summer months.


Beautiful countertops can make your outdoor space stunning, but you have to keep Oklahoma’s wild weather in mind.


While Dekton can handle the heat, it can also thrive in colder environments. Oklahoma has some extreme temperatures from triple-digit heat to freezing cold. Many types of stone are not built to handle the cold snaps we have here.


Dekton isn't prone to shrinking and microfractures that occur in other surface types. When things get cold, they retract, and stones will weaken over time. A good example of this phenomenon in action is the potholes in our roads.


If Dekton is cold and heat resistant, what else can it do?

 Pros and Cons of Dekton

Pro: UV Resistant

The sun is a source of immense energy. Ultraviolet rays bombard the planet and can degrade materials over time. Stone will weaken, and resin will discolor. If you have a countertop that sees daylight some of the time or only in specific areas, you will see changes over the years.


Dekton is UV Resistant so that it won't discolor or alter due to UV radiation. It is quite content being inside by a window or outside by the grill. Years later your Dekton surface will still look new.


Pro: Scratch Resistant

There are a lot of hard surfaces out there, but few can compete with Dekton.


Quartz is one of the hardest and is readily available. Dekton is a combination of quartz, glass and porcelain, creating a unified material that will resist anything but the hardest of objects.


Pro: Stain Proof

Stone is naturally porous, which means liquids can permeate it and get down into the cracks. Other liquids and acids that seep into these microfractures can further weaken the stone.


Dekton doesn't have this weakness. The extreme pressures and temperatures needed to create this material seal any potential gaps to make a surface that is hard and uniform throughout the stone.

 Pros and Cons of Dekton

Pro: Dekton is Inexpensive

How much will this cost?


Every homeowner who is planning a renovation project has a budget.


Natural marble looks stunning, but the costs involved are prohibitive to many. Granite and quartz are some of the top performing surfaces readily available, but even they can be costly.


The benefit to Dekton is that its total cost, even after installation, is often less expensive than other surface types.


Picking out your Dekton countertop, having it cut to dimensions and installed in your home could cost less than a granite or quartz slab, uncut and uninstalled. The savings could mean new countertops in more rooms in your house, or a bigger budget to spend elsewhere.

 Pros and Cons of Dekton

Con: Professional Install

Dekton must be installed by a trained professional.


Many factors play into the long-term success of this particular material, and it takes special training to ensure a quality installation. There is no “DIY” option for Dekton. There isn’t any way around it. If you want Dekton, a professional installer must come in and install it for you.


Thankfully, the inexpensive material offsets the total cost of the renovation including installation.


Con: Dekton is NOT Chip or Shatter Proof

While there is no surface out there that is shatterproof or chip-proof, Dekton has been found to be fragile. When heavy objects drop on the surface, it may experience severe damage.


Because Dekton contains porcelain and glass, its ultimate strength does have an eventual failure point, and when it breaks, you’ll know it. Dropping heavy pots and pans can permanently damage the surface.

 Pros and Cons Dekton

Con:  Specialty Retailers Sell Dekton

You typically can’t visit your local Lowe’s and pick up Dekton countertops.


Some people might find this inconvenient, and therefore, a con. However, we believe you’ll receive better service and superior quality when you visit River’s Edge Countertops, so for us, it’s certainly a positive.


As a countertop surface, Dekton truly is remarkable and stunning. It comes in a variety of colors that will fit the decor in your home, and it is resilient.


We encourage you to come in and take a look at what we have in stock. If you want manufactured surfaces, Dekton is the one to buy. If natural stone is your preference, we have those options too.


For any other questions, you may have about Dekton, give us a call at 405-387-2930, or visit us at our showroom. We’re located at 3066 Highway 62 Service Rd. in Newcastle.


To help you continue planning for your next renovation, we’ve created a FREE inspiration guide. It outlines how you can create a focal point in your home using natural stone.


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