How to Create a Dream Bathroom with Natural Stone

Life can be busy and a little stressful, so why not make your bathroom into a retreat with spa-like ambiance? Natural stone can make your bathroom one of the most beautiful and unique rooms in your home.

Since renovations always have a budget, what upgrades will make the biggest impact? Let’s dream about how to transform your bathroom.

1. Start with the tub or shower

Everybody has a bathtub or shower, but you can design something truly unique with natural stone. Create a modern bathroom or incorporate an earthy look depending on your style.

Add stone around your bathtub encasing it in nature-like neutrals. Every time you step into the hot water you will feel like you are walking into a natural spring. Create a stone shower and it will look sleek compared to the standard fiberglass or porcelain white.

Granite can create really interesting designs but requires regular maintenance to protect it from moisture damage. You can also use Quartz, Dekton or Marble to create your dream bathtub or shower.

2. Upgrade the floor

A new stone floor that matches or compliments your new shower or bathtub will make your bathroom transform from average to extraordinary.

Keep in moisture in mind, and be ready to make a decision on what’s best for the room.

3. Install a new countertop

New countertops can make a room modern and functional. The big things to consider when replacing the countertop is what type sink will you use, how much moisture will it need to resist and whether or not it is worth hiring the professionals to install it.

4. Create a stone accent wall

If you want something really unique in your bathroom, consider installing a stone accent wall. It can be a modern design or a natural look. If you have a separate bath from the shower, near the tub is a great place for the accent wall or on the vanity wall as elaborate backsplash. Whatever you decide, be sure the project won’t exceed your budget.

5. Explore, consider, decide

Before you jump into your next renovation project, explore all the opportunities, consider your budget and make a decision.

The best place to start is looking is in showrooms. Come visit all we have to offer at Rivers’ Edge Countertops. 

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