How to Determine the True Cost of Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops in OKC

Is the master bathroom looking drab and small or your kitchen looking a little … dated? Then this summer, it’s time to break out the paint brushes, start shopping for new decor and consider replacing the countertops with something more modern.

Adding a granite countertop is a stunning addition to your home, no matter where you put it.  Before you install, you need to be prepared for a few things — like the price.  Here are a few items to consider when determining the true cost of granite countertops.

 Granite Countertops in OKC

The Cost of Change

Is your kitchen needing some extra counter space? Adding an island can increase counter space in an otherwise open area. Plus, you can entertain your guests a little easier and divide up the room a little more.


Perhaps you want to make your cabinets a little more spacious to add some much-needed storage. A lazy susan in the corner of the kitchen can make your pots and pans more accessible and add shape to the space.


If you want to upgrade your bathroom. Adding a second sink to a master bathroom means running some extra plumbing and some adjustments to the cabinetry.


If you’re changing a room to match the new countertops, then it’s important you start by calculating everything involved with the renovation. 

Granite in OKC  

The Cost of the Stone

Of course, you have to take into account the cost of the granite. Stones can come from a variety of sources, and that’ll affect the cost. Colors and style may change the price as well.


One thing to consider about installing a new countertop is how you are going to accent it. Adding a backsplash with the same material is something you need to do now when you are picking out exactly what you want.


Sourcing a similar stone at a later date is going to be difficult if not impossible. Ordering extra to be made into a backsplash now means you are sourcing material from the same colors and styles as the countertop itself.


Are you going to want some extra made into shelving? That will add to the total cost as well. However, it will also unify the room and add class and style. The benefit of having granite is the longevity of the stone. An investment now will last a lifetime.



Reinforcing and Resealing the Stone

Stone is a strong material. Forged in the heat of the earth, there isn't a lot of pressure it can take on its own. When it is resting on top of the cabinet structure, it can show off its strength.


However, as it spans over open areas, its weak shear strength can present itself. While it would take a significant blow to chip off a corner, if the countertop edge is unsupported, it may break farther back. Large gaps over appliances like the dishwasher can also create stress points for the surface that may reveal themselves years after installation.


Adding support structures on your cabinets for the new countertop can help extend the life of the surface. The natural crystalline structure of the stone is strong, but adding to that strength will leave you pleased with your granite for decades or more.


Over the years, you’ll also want to pay to reseal the surface to keep it shiny and clean. 

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Updating the Sink

Since you are upgrading your space, its time to determine if you want a bigger sink or not. A larger sink will require adjustments to the plumbing and the structure of your cabinets. Adding another sink in a bathroom will reduce some storage space as you also add in reinforcement.


Depending on the sink, you may need to make some drastic adjustments to your cabinets. An apron sink will stand out in a kitchen and require some cabinet modifications. Vessel sinks in the bathrooms would only require plumbing adjustments.


If you are cutting stone to install it, making these upgrade decisions now will save you a ton of hassle in the future. While you may be able to go bigger in the future, the upgrades you would need to do to the countertop surface may be prohibitive. Finding a similar sink to match an oddly shaped cutout may also be difficult in the future.

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Paying for Post-Install Cleanup

Once the install is done and the house is yours once again, you may notice a little bit of dust and debris. This is just a part of the installation process. While a lot of it can be mitigated, not all of it can be avoided.


Be prepared to have some cleaning up to do after the renovation of your cabinets and the installation of the countertop. One way to help alleviate some of the cleanings is by removing anything you don't want to get dusty. Tools, utensils, towels and other accessories can be moved to another room until after the install is done.


It may take an afternoon to get everything cleaned up to your liking, so schedule your normal cleaning day around it.


You can also budget for a professional cleaning service to come in and take care of your house after the install. You can treat yourself to a home that feels like new, especially after a grand upgrade like granite countertops.


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