How to Keep Your Granite Countertops in Norman Looking Great Long Past the Install

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It feels great when you finish a big home renovation. It’s fun to stand back and look at your handiwork, especially when it’s new granite countertops in Norman. Now, you might be thinking about how to protect your countertops, so your effort and investment won’t go to waste.


Clean Spills and Messes

Prevention is the first step in minimizing messes.  Using coasters on your new surface can keep it scratch free.  While granite is a very hard material, over time micro scratches can fade its luster. 

You also need the barrier from your glass to the surface. Otherwise, you will get rings stained into the stone.  Even with a proper seal, liquids at a focal point will begin to wear away at the surface, eventually staining it by following microscopic cracks in the stone.

Using hot pads on your granite surface is another preventative measure for maintaining the look of your countertops.  The hot pad prevents hard impacts of your metal pots and pans against the surface.  This barrier also keeps micro scratches from damaging the top.  Additionally, while granite can withstand incredibly high temperatures, over time those temperature differences could degrade the surface. 

Be sure to also use cutting boards.  It prevents micro-scratches, and it will keep your knives from getting damaged on the stone surface. Most importantly, cutting boards keep liquids off the stone. Chopping fruit or vegetables could force their mineral-rich juices into the surface, slowly eating it away over time.

A granite countertop is remarkably forgiving to spills and messes.  In a busy kitchen, messes are unavoidable.  Just be sure to clean up a spill as soon as possible, and keep lingering liquids at a minimum.  Immediate cleanup will keep your granite countertop looking great long past the install.


Daily Maintenance

Beyond cleaning a granite countertop after each use, to help maximize the luster of your countertops, you should always complete daily cleaning routines.  When you get up in the morning, while the coffee is brewing, take a soft cloth or a sponge with a little water and scrub the surface down.  This gets any dust and debris off it for the daily use.

Or, clean it off before you go to bed.  You never know if you missed a spot in your earlier cleaning.

It’s best not to use harsh chemicals while cleaning your new counters.  Avoid using Ammonia, vinegar, glass cleaners, bleach, lemon or orange.  Just a damp cloth followed up with a dry one will keep your countertop stunning for years to come.


Weekly Scrubs

Once a week, you should get a little more hands-on with your cleaning.  Dust off the surface to get any loose debris.

Using a sponge or soft cloth with some soap and water, clean the entire surface.  Be sure to get any food or debris that has stuck to the surface.  Before you go to bed, wipe it again with a damp cloth to make sure you removed any soap residue from the surface.

A more thorough cleaning and inspection will do wonders for keeping your countertops looking lustrous in Norman.


Monthly Deep Clean

Your granite countertops may look pretty clean if you maintain daily and weekly routines. At the end of every month, it will be time to bring out the specialty cleaners. 

Special granite and stone cleaners will go deeper than soap and water to clean out the cracks and microfractures in the stone.  These cleaners are formulated to scour the surface while leaving it looking like the day you installed it.

Be sure to follow the instructions for these cleaners carefully.  There are different brands with different methods for cleaning.  Harsh or abrasive cloths must be avoided at all costs.  Be persistent with hard stuck gunk, don't take the fast way out and start chisling at it. 

For monthly, weekly, and daily cleanings, always use a sponge or soft cloth.   If you are thorough, your countertop will shine.


Annual Reseal

Once or twice a year, after your granite countertop has been cleaned thoroughly, you have to reseal it.  This step is crucial in ensuring your granite countertop looking great long past the install.

Always test your sealer on a small area of the countertop that isn't often seen.  Follow the instructions for application on the product packaging.  You may need to wait for some time while the sealer permeates the stone and drys.  If the sealer makes the stone shine, go ahead and apply it to the rest of your granite countertop.

Once the entire countertop is sealed, and the extra has been wiped away, leave your countertop alone for up to 48 hours.  No cooking and no cleaning until the appropriate amount of time has passed.

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