How to Let Your Master Bath Countertops Steal the Spotlight

How to Let Your Master Bath Countertops Steal the Spotlight

Let’s face it; the bathroom isn’t exactly the most exciting space in your home. However, did you know that it’s one of the top three rooms that can dramatically increase your property value?   

If you forgo taking the time to purposely design and organize a space, it can quickly become a landing zone for clutter. The same holds true for the bathroom. With all our styling products, tools and appliances, it’s easy to let the space become a sea of clutter. But, with proper styling, your master bath countertops can go from public-grade to a spa-like paradise.

Because people spend a great deal of time in their bathrooms, it’s important that the space reflects the rest of the home – complete with art and décor. From simple design touches to masterfully placed storage solutions, here are some easy ways to freshen up your master bath countertops.

Trays and Boards

A tray is a tried-and-true accessory that’s great for corralling clutter and organizing small objects. They’re multi-functional and can instantly create a cohesive vignette of your favorite things. Don’t feel like you have to limit your options. In addition to trays, you can use items like a placemat, repurposed platter or stone cutting board.


Storage Solutions

Let’s be real. Even something as simple as a new tray and soap dispenser can transform the look of your master bath countertops. We recommend balancing your décor with similar or identical containers to store toiletry items like cotton balls, q-tips and makeup sponges. Stackable jars help conserve counter space while glass apothecary jars display your items in a luxury way.

If you share a small bathroom or have limited cabinet storage, it’s important to think vertically. Consider floating shelves with baskets, tiered storage bins or cubbies to keep your go-to items on hand.



If you have the space, a table lamp is great for adding glamour as well as soft lighting to your master bath countertops. If you don’t have an outlet nearby, try battery-powered LED string lights in a vintage glass for a lantern glow. Candles and mirrored accessories are great for adding warmth to the space and creating a relaxing atmosphere.



If you don’t have much room on the walls near the sink for a ring or hook, invest in a decorative towel stand. This accessory makes your bathroom look high-end and more polished. New hand towels also encourage guests to wash their hands. An alternative to a stand is tightly rolling towels and placing them in a sophisticated basket. It speaks wonders for bathroom presentation!



If you’re decorating your master bath countertops with similar colors, we recommend adding interest with texture. A wooden bowl or large piece of coral makes a great display while sponges and specialty soaps add interest.



Now, we’re getting to the fun part. Styling your bathroom doesn’t mean voiding it of personality. Add an incense burner and color-coordinated tissue box for an instant update or display an old-fashioned barber’s jar. When hiding hygiene items, think vintage. A crystal decanter and shot glass is a great swap for an ugly store container.



Orchids are one of the best plants for a master bathroom because they love humidity and light. Add life and freshness to your bathroom with greenery. Fresh flowers are a great way to punch up a vanity. However, if you’re working with limited counter space, one or two blooms in a glass vase are equally as inviting.


Our Final Tips for Styling Master Bath Countertops

Don’t feel like you have to stow away your favorite items. You can display jewelry with a necklace holder or ring dish. Or, if your countertops are rather spacious, you can show off your favorite vintage finds in glass display boxes.

As for scents, keep your bathroom smelling as good as possible – but forgo the strong floral products. Coordinate your room spray, hand soaps and candles to avoid the feeling of pungent smells.


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