How to Spruce Up Your Kitchen Countertops Without Breaking the Bank

Kitchen renovation in Oklahoma City

Upgrading a kitchen is an expensive endeavor. New countertops, new appliances, and new floors mean you may want to go a little lighter on other things.


But, that doesn't mean you have to stop the improvements. There are a few ways you can keep the momentum moving with little improvements that will keep the focus on your new countertops. So, how do you spruce up the place without spending the rest of your hard earned money?


We have some ideas.

 Kitchen accents


Kitchens don’t have to be boring spaces. You can add flair to them; make them more appealing.


You can hang a fun chalkboard in the kitchen to post up a chore list for the kids, or you can purchase a rolling kitchen cart to add style and extra counter space when you need it.


Your dishware can also serve as an accent. For example, you could install hooks to hang up your favorite coffee mugs. Not only will they be easier to reach for your morning dose of caffeine but they’ll also add color to the walls and let you show off your personality.



If you want the quickest and least expensive way to accent your kitchen countertops, throwing some LED lighting under your cabinets is a great way to get all of the coverage you need.


Set them to a timer or use a remote. You can get all white, or set them to any color of your choosing. It’s the perfect option If you want to create more visibility while you are cooking. This accent takes no time to get lasting benefits.


Touch of Color

If you want to draw attention to your countertops with a simple accent, adding a touch of color to your cabinets is a sure fire way to get the focus you need.


All you will need is a color that pairs well with your countertop (LINK COLOR BLOG), some painters tape, and some good brushes and you are good to go. Add a single strip of color to your cabinet doors, or add a line to a corner of the room.


If you want to test drive your color, just paint a strip of painters tape and leave it while you decide if you want it to become a permanent addition to your home.



It’s time to update your storage game. Accent your kitchen with hangars for your pots and pans. Keep your cooking tools close by with quirky storage solutions other than just letting them lay around.


Find some cute and colorful jars (if you have enough counter space) and leave them out with the important things like sugar, flour and treats for the kiddos.

 Kitchen upgrades in Oklahoma City


You’ve done all of the little things to make your kitchen look great, and everyone is taking a second look at your stone.


There are some additional upgrades that aren’t too expensive that can really modernize your space. 



Take out the old, leaky kitchen faucet. It’s time for an upgrade that will save you money in more ways than one.


It’s not as expensive as you think to get a new kitchen faucet. With an afternoon and a few tools, you can completely renovate the look of your kitchen and enhance the look of your new countertops.


If you are willing to spend a little extra on your kitchen upgrade, then you should splurge for touch sensitive faucets. It’s a handy feature that you will wonder how you could have ever lived without.


Handles and Knobs

One of the fastest and easiest upgrades you can do to your kitchen is replacing your dated handles and knobs with ones that will better match your style.


If you are looking for a completely new look, getting brand new ones is a breeze to find at your local hardware store. A whole kitchen upgrade is easy and inexpensive, even if you are buying all new.


If you are looking for a more vintage look, then there is no better way than to buy from an antique store. However, finding a complete set of matching gear could be a challenge. If you have a bit of time, the effort will pay off in spades.


Another alternative is finding fun and different (but matching) handles or knobs to show a little character or style.



Nothing can be more relaxing than taking a load off in a comfortable barstool and enjoying company across from the kitchen island. But what if your bar stools aren't inviting, or worse: you don't have any?


Probably the more expensive upgrade you can do for your kitchen is getting a new set of nice bar stools for your island.


While we don't recommend breaking open your piggy banks for a lot of things, comfort is paramount. After you have done all of these other inexpensive upgrades to spruce up your kitchen countertops, you are going to need a place to enjoy the fruits of your labor. So go ahead and splurge.

 Properly care for countertops


Now, for the countertop itself. But you already have the surface, so how do you spruce it up?



Constant cleaning is one of the best ways to keep your kitchen countertops looking fresh and new. Taking care of spills when they happen, cleaning up after cooking, and occasional dusting will keep them in tip-top shape for years to come.


It also helps to do a deep clean every few weeks or months because it’ll allow you to spot any issues with your countertops before they become massive problems. Take extra consideration when looking over the edges and seams and make any repairs as needed.



If you are looking to revitalize your kitchen countertops, filling in any nicks and cracks that have shown up over time can bring them back into the present.


DIY Repair kits are easy to use and inexpensive. Just follow the instructions on the back and fill in the spots. You will get a renewed surface in no time.


If you have a small piece that has broken off, there is epoxy for it. Keep the broken piece around until you have the right repair equipment.



Bring out the shine in an older stone countertop with a nice, long polish. Clean the surface and prep it for a lot of elbow grease.


Or, you can ask the professionals. Rivers’ Edge offers a complete line of cleaners and sealant. Call us at 405.387.2930 for more information.


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