Confidently Choose Your Countertops by Answering These Three Questions

Renovations are underway, and your home is about to get a facelift. If you are starting your projects in the kitchen, then you need to decide what countertops to install. The choices may seem never ending, but we can give you a few questions to consider to guide you through the process.

What’s your budget?    

Each countertop material comes at a different cost. When you are making a decision on the type of counter, it is important to consider what your budget is for the project.

Different materials come at different costs. Generally, marble, quartz and granite offer pretty close pricing availability. Dekton is more expensive, but it doesn’t disappoint for quality and style.. The best strategy is to check with the retailers to determine what sales or promotions are available. During the decision-making process, make sure you don’t lose sight on how much you are willing to spend on this project.

What level of durability do you need?

If you have children, you may value a stain-resistant surface. You could also be looking for convenience or durability. How do common countertop materials measure up against the toughest adversaries?

Marble - This is a softer surface that can scratch over time. It is a cooler surface, so it is good for working with pastries. It might not be the best options for a kitchen because it will sustain damage from sharp knives or even heavy pots and pans.

Dekton - Opt for a scratch proof surface if you are often working in the kitchen with sharp utensils. This fairly new surface offers extreme durability from heat and stains of all types.  

Quartz - This surface is good for anyone preparing to deal with a plethora of spills. It is waterproof, making it unnecessary to seal for stain protection. It’s arguable one of the most durable traditional options.

Granite - A regular sealant is needed for granite because it is a porous surface. It is strong and durable if maintained appropriately.

What is your preference?    

You need to love your new countertops. If you choose a surface that fits your budget and is durable, but you don’t like the design, then you will be unhappy with the final outcome.

Marble - This surface is delightfully unique. You can grab a slab in solid white or black, or you can look for colors in grays, tans, yellows or rose. There are not two slabs alike, and your choice is guaranteed to be one of a kind. 

Dekton - Combines a variety of different substances, so the style options are limitless. You can choose a natural looking counter or a modernistic glossy solid.

Quartz - This material also offers solid color options. The bold colors available give you a chance to make a statement in your kitchen and display your style. Some designs accurately mimic granite and marble, so this is a viable option even if you have a classic taste in counter tops.

You can also choose consistent patterns that are not available in other options such as granite or marble. Unfortunately, this also means some choices may appear unnaturally uniform.

Granite - A traditional decision is a granite countertop. The neutral colors offer a timeless style that is likely to match your evolving tastes for decades to come. It does, however, need proper maintenance to stay pristine.

Did you make a decision on your preferences and durability need? Now it is time to start pricing. Come to our store, and we can show you what’s available. Don’t forget to bring your measurements.

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