Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends

Keeping up with the most recent trends for your kitchen can be difficult with fluctuations in popularity from year to year. Personal preference and practicality are essential with a variety of ever-changing options to choose from. Providing unique details from elegant to modern, while maximizing storage and organization are important to keep in mind when choosing your style. Here is a list of top 10 kitchen design trends.

1.  Neutral hues with Bold Statements

Accenting kitchen areas with soft colors and bright accessories catches the eye and creates a bold look.  Brightly colored sinks and retro style appliances have been popping into department stores. Sticking to a simple, yet bright color scheme without wandering too far off the spectrum will give your kitchen a boldly balanced feel while attracting the right amount of attention.

Countertop Style:

Brightly colored accents will go great with a neutral-colored marble countertop. It will be the perfect balance of quirky and classic.


2. Mixing Rustic with Elegance

The farmhouse look has been a trend for several years. This rustic look brings back an old-fashioned atmosphere by incorporating soft colors mixed with brushed copper, steel, and antique-like fixtures. Adding a dash of elegance to this look creates a mix of style while maintaining your rustic design. Do this by adding a chandelier, mirrors, or by swapping your wooden bar stools with upholstered chairs.

Countertop Style:

All the classic designs go great with a classic granite countertop.


3. Functional Flooring

Epoxy flooring allows for endless amounts of color mixtures, so it’s easy to incorporate into your kitchen design. Metallic color options resemble a marble finish and can resemble any color combination. Dark flooring paired with matching cabinetry is trending, so with customizable results, it’s convenient to achieve your unique look. Epoxy is also non-porous and easy to clean which allows for minimal upkeep and renovation.

Countertop Style:

Wow! Flawlessly match those unique floors with a unique Dekton countertop.

4. Paneled Appliances

Blend in where cabinetry stops, and appliances begin by matching refrigerators and dishwashers with your cabinet finishes. This creates a look fabricated to the whole style of the kitchen with a smooth flow. Elegant crown molding adds more accenting feature and adds to the detail of your design.

Countertop Style:

White smooth marble will make all the texture in the kitchen really pop.


5. Open-Faced Cabinets

When dishware is visible, it creates the opportunity to showcase a unique theme. This allows you to show off your creative look, and incorporate the colors of dishware into your existing scheme. Dishes used only for serving can be transformed into part of the kitchen design. Adding transparent or etched glass to cabinet doors is another way to provide the open feel with an elegant touch.  

Countertop Style:

The bold style of open-faced cabinets matches perfectly with the versatility of quartz.


6. Maximize Ventilation Design

Transform your stove hood into the centerpiece of your kitchen by adding an oversized metal or copper unit. Kitchen areas with a lack of upper cabinetry, benefit from this idea by creating a nice focal point. Sizing and designs such as rivets and hammered borders are flexible options due to preference and space allowed.

Countertop Style:

You don’t want your centerpiece design fighting for attention with other elements of your kitchen. It’s a good idea to get a flawlessly smooth and sleek Dekton countertop. It is classy but doesn’t demand constant attention.  


7. Rounded Fixtures

Kitchen areas tend to feel boxy because of squared appliances, countertops, and cabinetry. Rounded lighting added above the sink or as a main fixture will give a smoother focus throughout the room. Pendulum lighting gives the appearance of higher ceilings and maximizes light exposure where needed. Position light sources in front of you to limit the casting of shadows over your work area.

Countertop Style:

Choose a countertop that is one color tone so it won’t take away from the clean design of rounded fixtures.


8. Automatic Lighting

Although ever-changing, keeping up with technology is sometimes practical. Automatic lighting under cabinets and around baseboards has become widely popular while fitting into the much-desired energy efficient category. Adding inverted systems underneath cabinets and baseboards provides adequate lighting when and where needed most.

Countertop Style:

Choose granite or quartz if you have bright lighting in your kitchen. The right lighting will make the little details in granite or quartz shine.


9. Hidden Storage

Roll-out cabinets and hidden pantries are optimal for organization. They provide discreet storage while maintaining an area free of clutter. Functionality is key when finding a spot for bulky utensils and food items. Easy to access to storage areas hidden from plain sight serves as the perfect option.

Countertop Style:

If you have a lot of utensils for cooking it probably means you like spending a lot of time making delicious meals. Quartz can stand up to all of the use you get out of the kitchen.


10. Incorporate Other Rooms

Adding “feet” to cabinetry gives a furniture feel to the kitchen. This new trend merges dining and living room areas by elevating certain kitchen floor cabinets to appear like end tables and bookshelves. You can transform your existing cabinets with a bit of renovation, or purchase a different style for a new look.

Countertop Style:

Take the kitchen countertop design and incorporate it into the bathroom and other surfaces throughout the house too!

Let personal style shine through when following trends in the kitchen to get an authentic look you can be proud of. Stick with efficient and practical options to allow kitchen spaces to reach their full potential.  

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